Malcolm X

Genre: Romantiek & Drama / Onderwerp: Drama 1258
Cover van de film 'Malcolm X'
Regisseur Spike Lee
Scenario Spike Lee
  Alex Haley
Schrijver Alex Haley
Cast Nelson Mandela
  Denzel Washington
  Spike Lee
  Christopher Plummer
  Angela Bassett
  Giancarlo Esposito
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Muziek Terence Blanchard
Producent Spike Lee
  Marvin Worth
Productiebedrijf 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks
Soundtrack Malcolm X
Releasejaar 2012
Lengte127 minuten


Import met Engelse ondertiteling. Across three hours, it tells the story of Malcolm X, from his formative years through to his death, and it does it with a real sense of period attention, and occasionally an epic feel. That's where the Blu-ray upgrade really helps. The terrific photography is showcased wonderfully in 1080p. Furthermore, the disc has space for an interesting commentary track, featuring Lee himself, as well as deleted scenes, and a look into the making of the film. It's a terrific package, and Malcolm X remains both an important figure, and an important film. The Blu-ray only enhances that.


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Blu-ray, 1 disk, speelduur 193:00 minuten
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