Ranglijst 'Engels'

  1. Were The World Mine (Gustafson)
    Timothy is het gay buitenbeentje van de school en wordt vaak gepest. Om de realiteit te ontvluchten trekt hij zich vaak terug in zijn eigen droomwereld, de wereld van de musicals. Als hij na aandringen van zijn lerares de hoofdrol in de schoolopvoering van Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream gaat spelen, krijgt hij eindelijk de kans de rollen om te draaien...

    Net als Puck in het toneelstuk vindt Timothy opeens het recept om een magische bloem te maken waarmee hij iedereen tot homo...
    Cover van de film 'Were The World Mine'
  2. Elena Undone (Conn)
  3. In Search Of Sex (Zelker)
  4. Chocolat (Hallström)
  5. Brokeback Mountain (Lee)
  6. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Gondry)
  7. Girl With A Pearl Earring (Webber)
  8. Rabbit Proof Fence (Noyce)
  9. Dogville (Von Trier)
  10. The Dreamers (Bertolucci)
  11. Coffee & Cigarettes (Jarmusch)
  12. Gosford Park (Altman)
  13. 9 Songs (Winterbottom)
  14. The Darjeeling Limited (Anderson)
  15. Boy Culture (Allan Brocka)
  16. House Of The Spirits (August)
  17. Ae Fond Kiss (Loach)
  18. Manderlay (Von Trier)
  19. Mean Creek (Aeron Estes)
  20. The Secret Life Of Words (Coixet)
  21. Broken Flowers (Jarmusch)
  22. Goya's Ghost (Forman)
  23. Road To Guantanamo (Winterbottom, Whitecross)
  24. Book Of Revelation (Kokkinos)
  25. Breakfast On Pluto (Jordan)
  26. The Great Ecstacy Of Robert Carmichael (Clay)
  27. Grace Is Gone (C. Strouse)
  28. Millions (Boyle)
  29. Takeshis (Kitano)
  30. Cul - De - Sac (Polanski)
  31. Fireflies In The Garden (Lee)
  32. Half Nelson (Fleck)
  33. Goodbye Bafana (August)
  34. Goya's Ghosts (Forman)
  35. The Waiting Room (Goldby)
  36. Blind Date (Tucci)
  37. Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman - The Movie (Keach)
  38. My Beautiful Laundrette (Frears)
  39. Latter Days (Jay Cox)
  40. The Lost Language Of Cranes (Finch)
  41. Dancer In The Dark (Von Trier)
  42. Inland Empire (Lynch)
  43. Breaking The Waves (Von Trier)
  44. Hotel Very Welcome (Heiss)
  45. Cowboys & Angels (Gleeson)
  46. Thin Ice (Cunningham-Reid)
  47. Room (Henry)
  48. Ezra (I. Aduaka)
  49. Another Gay Movie (Stephens)
  50. Garage (Abrahamson)
  51. Back Soon (Williams)
  52. Disgrace (Jacobs)
  53. London River (Bouchareb)
  54. Chop Shop (Bahrani)
  55. Song For A Raggy Boy (Walsh)
  56. Late Bloomers (Dyer)
  57. Me And You And Everyone We Know (July)
  58. Boy A (Crowley)
  59. Taxandria (Servais)
  60. Vicky Christina Barcelona (Allen)
  61. Goodbye Solo (Bahrani)
  62. Ever Since The World Ended (Grant, Litle)
  63. Unmade Beds (Dos Santos)
  64. Better Than Chocolate (Wheeler)
  65. Crack Willow (Radich)
  66. The Traveller Girl (Ogden)
  67. Dogging: A Love Story (Ellis)
  68. Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (Stephens)
  69. Hidden Agenda (Loach)
  70. Desert Flower (Hormann)
  71. Mr. Nobody (Van Dormael)
  72. Wendy And Lucy (Reichardt)
  73. The Sheltering Sky (Bertolucci)
  74. Afterschool (Campos)
  75. Life During Wartime (Solondz)
  76. The Tree (Bertucelli)
  77. The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (Russo)
  78. Mean Creek (Aaron Estes)
  79. Woody Allen Box 1 (Allen)
  80. Another Year (Leigh)
  81. The Extra Man (Springer Berman, Pulcini)
  82. Mother And Child (García)
  83. Re:Vision (Brienen)
  84. Sonny (Cage)
  85. Everyone Says I Love You (Allen)
  86. Private Moments (Mundhra)
  87. Sappho (Crombie)
  88. Black Butterflies (Van der Oest)
  89. Pelican Blood (Golden)
  90. Rabbit Hole (Cameron Mitchell)
  91. Kaboom (Araki)
  92. The Myth Of The American Sleepover (Robert Mitchell)
  93. Is It Just Me? (Calciano)
  94. I Am (Ward)
  95. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (Gilliam)
  96. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (Herman (I))
  97. Garden State (Braff)
  98. Untitled (Parker)
  99. Toast (Clarkson)
  100. Bloomington (Cardoso)
  101. El Camino (S. Weigel, Yasin Gutierrez)
  102. The Answer Man (Hindman)
  103. Neds (Mullan)
  104. Made In Dagenham (Cole)
  105. The Future (July)
  106. Howl (Epstein, Friedman)
  107. Blue Valentine (Cianfrance)
  108. Beautiful Boy (Ku)
  109. Sympathy For Delicious (Ruffalo)
  110. Submarine (Ayoade)
  111. Code Blue (Antoniak)
  112. The First Grader (Chadwick)
  113. Badland (Lucente)
  114. Hunger (McQueen)
  115. Oranges And Sunshine (Loach)
  116. Fighter (O. Russell)
  117. Claire Dolan (Kerrigan)
  118. Carrington (Hampton)
  119. A Month By The Lake (Irvin)
  120. Bringing Up Bobby (Janssen)
  121. Cafe (Erlbaum)
  122. Cargo (Vizinberg)
  123. Weekend (Haigh)
  124. Bumblefuck USA (Douglas Johnston)
  125. Between Love & Goodbye (Andreas)
  126. A Horrible Way To Die (Wingard)
  127. A Shine Of Rainbows (Sarin)
  128. Midnight In Paris (Allen)
  129. Funkytown (Roby)
  130. Rated X (Estevez)
  131. Carnage (Polanski)
  132. Carnage (Polanski)
  133. The Crying Game (Jordan)
  134. A Dangerous Method (Cronenberg)
  135. A Better Life (Weitz)
  136. Parked (Byrne)
  137. Heavenly Creatures (Jackson)
  138. Shame (McQueen)
  139. Tommy: The Movie (Russell)
  140. We Need To Talk About Kevin (Ramsay)
  141. Perfect Sense (Mackenzie)
  142. Hysteria (Wexler)
  143. Wonder Boys (Hanson)
  144. The Lady (Besson)
  145. Late Bloomers (Gavras)
  146. W.E. (Madonna)
  147. Tyrannosaur (Considine)
  148. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Daldry)
  149. The Boys Are Back (Hicks)
  150. The Other Woman (Roos)
  151. Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson)
  152. This Must Be The Place (Sorrentino)
  153. Detachment (Kaye)
  154. Ladybird Ladybird (Loach)
  155. Albert Nobbs (García)
  156. Martha Marcy May Marlene (Durkin)
  157. Another Earth (Cahill)
  158. Like Crazy (Doremus)
  159. Take This Waltz (Polley)
  160. On The Road (Salles)
  161. Keep The Lights On (Sachs)
  162. Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (Olnek)
  163. To Rome With Love (Allen)
  164. The Angels' Share (Loach)
  165. The Neon Bible (Davies)
  166. Hallam Foe (McKenzie)
  167. Beasts Of The Southern Wild (Zeitlin)
  168. Eraserhead (Lynch)
  169. Being Flynn (Weitz)
  170. Woody Allen Box (Allen)
  171. Wrong (Dupieux)
  172. Damsels In Distress (Stillman)
  173. We Need To Talk About Kevin (Ramsay)
  174. Smashed (Ponsoldt)
  175. Beat (Verbeek)
  176. Burn After Reading (Coen, Coen)
  177. Wristcutters - A Love Story (Duki?)
  178. Nothing Personal (Antoniak)
  179. Bitter Moon (Polanski)
  180. In The Bedroom (Field)
  181. The Rum Diary (Robinson)
  182. Somers Town (Meadows)
  183. Song For Marion (Andrew Williams)
  184. The Place Beyond The Pines (Cianfrance)
  185. Humpday (Shelton)
  186. Film With Me In It (Fitzgibbon)
  187. Master (Thomas Anderson)
  188. Adventureland (Mottola)
  189. The Company Men (Wells)
  190. I Anna (Southcombe)
  191. Disconnect (Alex Rubin)
  192. Quartet (Hoffman)
  193. Free Samples (Gammill)
  194. Tangernacion
  195. Two Mothers (Fontaine)
  196. Frances Ha (Baumbach)
  197. Samson & Delilah (Thornton)
  198. Ruby Sparks (Dayton, Faris)
  199. Lilet Never Happened (Groen)
  200. Little Sparrows (Camille Chen)
  201. Prozac Nation (Skjoldbjærg)
  202. Love & Fungi (Cortlund, Halperin)
  203. Ginger & Rosa (Potter)
  204. 50/50 (Levine)
  205. One Hundred Mornings (Horgan)
  206. Cloudburst (Fitzgerald)
  207. Midnight's Children (Mehta)
  208. Blue Jasmine (Allen)
  209. Vijay And I (Garbarski)
  210. Unconditional (Higgins)
  211. Jimmy P (Desplechin)
  212. There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (Hay)
  213. Brideshead Revisited (Jarrold)
  214. Like Dandelion Dust (Gunn)
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