Ranglijst 'Romantisch'

  1. Crazy Love (Kanner)
    For the truly committed… Letty Mayer is een jonge lerares met een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel. Ze kan de druk op haar werk en in haar privéleven niet goed aan, maar ze vindt het erg moeilijk om aan anderen haar grenzen aan te geven. Als ze op een dag midden in een supermarkt geestelijk helemaal instort, wordt ze opgenomen in een instituut. Daar ontmoet ze Michael, een aantrekkelijke jonge man die schizofreen is en al meerdere malen is opgenomen. Ondanks vele obstakels geven Letty en... Cover van de film 'Crazy Love'
  2. Instant Message (Fearnley)
  3. Notting Hill (Michell)
  4. Sex And The City (Patrick King)
  5. Forrest Gump (Zemeckis)
  6. Two Weeks Notice (Lawrence)
  7. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (Petrie)
  8. You've Got Mail (Ephron)
  9. Roman Holiday (Wyler)
  10. A Good Year (Scott)
  11. The Wedding Planner (Shankman)
  12. Sweet Home Alabama (Tennant)
  13. Just Like Heaven (Waters)
  14. As Good As It Gets (L. Brooks)
  15. Groundhog Day (Ramis)
  16. Clueless (Heckerling)
  17. Phileine Zegt Sorry (Jan Westdijk)
  18. The Family Stone (Bezucha)
  19. Prime (Younger)
  20. Wedding Date (Kilner)
  21. 40 Year Old Virgin (Apatow)
  22. American Pie 3: The Wedding (Dylan)
  23. Must Love Dogs (David Goldberg)
  24. Ellis in Glamourland (Kramer)
  25. Casanova (Folkson)
  26. Four Weddings And A Funeral (Newell)
  27. Rumor Has It (Reiner)
  28. My Best Friend's Wedding (J. Hogan)
  29. Along Came Polly (Hamburg)
  30. Just My Luck (Petrie)
  31. Overboard (Marshall)
  32. Chasing Amy (Smith)
  33. Waiting To Exhale (Whitaker)
  34. Alibi (Nijenhuis)
  35. Boys And Girls (Iscove)
  36. Bedazzled (Ramis)
  37. Love & Sex (Breiman)
  38. Heartbreak Kid (Farrelly, Farrelly)
  39. Get Over It (O'Haver)
  40. My Boss's Daughter (Zucker)
  41. Green Card (Weir)
  42. View From The Top (Barreto)
  43. Maybe Baby (Laurie, Elton)
  44. Hairspray (Shankman)
  45. Feestje! (Van Hemert)
  46. Alex & Emma (Reiner)
  47. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (D. Lee)
  48. Dr. T And The Women (Altman)
  49. Fast Times At Ridgemont High (Heckerling)
  50. The Misfits (Huston)
  51. Seven Girlfriends (Lazarus)
  52. What Happens In Vegas (Vaughan)
  53. Shopgirl (Tucker)
  54. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 (Hamri)
  55. Third Wheel (Brady)
  56. Hitch (Tennant)
  57. Sex And The City The Movie (Patrick King)
  58. If You Only Knew (Snedeker)
  59. Music & Lyrics (Lawrence)
  60. Confetti (Isitt)
  61. No Reservations (Hicks)
  62. Blonde Ambition (Marshall)
  63. The Love Guru (Schnabel)
  64. School For Scoundrels (Phillips)
  65. Made Of Honour (Weiland)
  66. It Could Happen To You (Bergman)
  67. Good Luck Chuck (Helfrich)
  68. License To Wed (Kwapis)
  69. Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story (Kasdan)
  70. The Promotion (Conrad)
  71. American Poop (Kingsley)
  72. Kimberly (Golchan)
  73. High Society (Walters)
  74. Bitten (Glazer)
  75. Ten Inch Hero (MacKay)
  76. About Last Night (Zwick)
  77. Blind Date (Edwards)
  78. Room With A View (Ivory)
  79. How To Lose Friends & Alienate People (B. Weide)
  80. The Heartbreak Kid (Farrelly, Farrelly)
  81. Ghost Town (Koepp)
  82. Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging (Chadha)
  83. The Women (English)
  84. Swept Away (Ritchie)
  85. Victor Victoria (Edwards)
  86. Zack & Miri Make A Porno (Smith)
  87. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (Sollett)
  88. Little Black Book (Hurran)
  89. Roxanne (Schepisi)
  90. Fired Up (Gluck)
  91. Husband For Hire (Isacsson)
  92. Chaos Theory (Siega)
  93. Everybody Wants To Be Italian (Todd Ipson)
  94. Ira & Abby (Cary)
  95. Bride Wars (Winick)
  96. Repli-Kate (Longo)
  97. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 1 & 2 (Hamri)
  98. Wedding -Box- (Hogan)
  99. He's Just Not That Into You (Kwapis)
  100. Men Seeking Women (Milio)
  101. I Love You, Man (Hamburg)
  102. The Ugly Truth (Luketic)
  103. Toy Boy (Mackenzie)
  104. The Rebound (Freundlich)
  105. Couples Retreat (Billingsley)
  106. Romy Schneider Collection (Weidenmann)
  107. Did You Hear About The Morgans? (Lawrence)
  108. Feeling Minnesota (Baigelman)
  109. All About Steve (Traill)
  110. America's Sweethearts (Roth)
  111. The Fisher King (Gilliam)
  112. Love Hurts (Grant)
  113. Smart People (Murro)
  114. Valentine's Day (Marshall)
  115. Philadelphia Story (Cukor)
  116. Invention Of Lying (Gervais, Robinson)
  117. Youth In Revolt (Arteta)
  118. Jet Lag (Thompson)
  119. Sex And The City 2 (Patrick King)
  120. Back-Up Plan (Poul)
  121. Blue State (Lewy)
  122. Picture This! (Herek)
  123. Girls Box (Hayman)
  124. Emma (S. Chechik)
  125. Billy Madison (Davis)
  126. The Holiday (Meyers)
  127. Stay Cool (Smith)
  128. Cinderella Pact (Harvey)
  129. Bounty Hunter/Ugly Truth (Tennant)
  130. The Jerk Theory (S. Anderson)
  131. Will You Merry Me (Ganatra)
  132. Christmas Box: A Golden Christmas/ Instant Message/ Will You Merry Me (Fearnley)
  133. Our Family Wedding (Famuyiwa)
  134. She's Out Of My League (Field Smith)
  135. Double Wedding (Pryce)
  136. Girls Box 2 (S. Cass Sr.)
  137. Intolerable Cruelty (Coen, Coen)
  138. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Tufts)
  139. Just Wright (Hamri)
  140. The Fortune (Nichols)
  141. Girls Box 3 (Arteta)
  142. Love Box (Todd Ipson)
  143. Going The Distance (Burstein)
  144. Love's Kitchen (Hacking)
  145. Cyrus (Duplass, Duplass)
  146. Happy Gilmore (Dugan)
  147. Four Weddings & A Funeral (Newell)
  148. In Your Dreams (Sinyor)
  149. When Harry Met Sally (Reiner)
  150. Zot Van A (Verheyen)
  151. Window Theory (Putschoegl)
  152. A Foreign Affair (Wilder)
  153. No Strings Attached (Reitman)
  154. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (Allen)
  155. Easy A (Gluck)
  156. How Do You Know (L. Brooks)
  157. The Dilemma (Howard)
  158. My Father's Will (Manocherian)
  159. Smoorverliefd (Van Mieghem)
  160. The Guru (Von Scherler Mayer)
  161. Just Go With It (Dugan)
  162. American Summer (B. Rogers)
  163. Much Ado About Nothing (Branagh)
  164. Hall Pass (Farrelly, Farrelly)
  165. Love And Other Drugs (Zwick)
  166. Bounty Hunter/Made Of Honour/My Best Friend's Wedding (Tennant)
  167. Did You Hear About The Morgans/Maid In Manhattan/The Ugly Truth (Lawrence)
  168. Chalet Girl (Traill)
  169. Bed & Breakfast (Garcia)
  170. Monte Carlo (Bezucha)
  171. Bridesmaids (Feig)
  172. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Ficarra, Requa)
  173. Friends With Benefits (Gluck)
  174. What's Your Number (Mylod)
  175. Girls Box 6 (Metter)
  176. Easy Virtue (Elliott)
  177. Don Juan DeMarco (Leven)
  178. New Year's Eve (Marshall)
  179. From Prada To Nada (Gracia)
  180. Emma (McGrath)
  181. The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain (Monger)
  182. Renee Zellweger Box - My One And Only/New In Town (Loncraine)
  183. Mallrats (Smith)
  184. What To Expect When You're Expecting (Jones)
  185. Serious Moonlight (Hines)
  186. the Wedding Ceremony (Winkler)
  187. Hope Springs (Frankel)
  188. Christmas Mail (Murlowski)
  189. A Little Bit Of Heaven (Kassell)
  190. Alles Is Familie (Lürsen)
  191. Costa (Nijenhuis)
  192. Timer (Schaeffer)
  193. Think Like A Man (Story)
  194. Alles Over Liefde Box (Chelsom)
  195. Verliefd Op Ibiza (Nijenhuis)
  196. Silver Linings Playbook (O. Russell)
  197. Valentino (Van Heugten)
  198. Leve Boerenliefde (De Jong)
  199. Beautician & The Beast (Kwapis)
  200. Love Box 4
  201. Wishful Thinking (Park, Casado, Ryan)
  202. Night We Never Met (Leight)
  203. Because I Said So (Lehmann)
  204. 10 Years (Linden)
  205. Hector / Koko Flanel / De Zevende Hemel (Coninx)
  206. Neighbor ( O'Flaherty)
  207. Something To Talk About (Hallström)
  208. Alles Is Liefde (Lürsen)
  209. She's The Man (Fickman)
  210. Definitely Maybe (Brooks)
  211. Meet Bill (Goldmann, Wallick)
  212. What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Hallström)
  213. The Money Pit (Benjamin)
  214. Wedding Crashers (Dobkin)
  215. Hail Caesar (Michael Hall)
  216. Mannenharten (De Cloe)
  217. Milagro Beanfield War (Redford)
  218. Sydney White (Nussbaum)
  219. Hooking Up (Scordia)
  220. Toscaanse Bruiloft (Nijenhuis)
  221. The Knot (Lawrence)
  222. Until She Came Along (Sitch)
  223. Divorce Invitation (V. Krishna Reddy)
  224. Girls Box 5 (Grimm)
  225. The Ramen Girl (Allan Ackerman)
  226. Syrup (Rappaport)
  227. It Happened At The World'S Fair (Taurog)
  228. Larry Crowne (Hanks)
  229. Nice Guy Johnny (Burns)
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